Classic Car Consignment Done Right


Just Toys Classic Cars has a unique consignment process.  

Other Classic Car Dealers haggle over the price, and charge a monthly fee.  We provide the right hassle-free SIMPLE touch to the classic car consignment process.  

Get in touch with us today to learn about our unique program!


- 40k square foot showroom, security and climate controlled.
- Agree on the right pricing number. 
- Detailed twice a month.
- 6-month commitment.
- Vehicle Exercise
     + Battery Maintenance
     + Engine Exercise - Started Once Per Month
     + Reparking - Prevents Flat Spotting on Tires
- Treat your baby like our baby.
- Complete Inventory Process
     + Multiple View Photographs
     + Extensive Sales Description
     + Video
- Massive Marketing Efforts
     + Promote your car with SEO
     + Feature your car on over 350 websites in over 21 different Languages around the world. 



We are NOT like other dealers who:

- Charge large monthly fees and constantly ask to lower your price. 
- Need 11 or 12 locations to sell your car. 

-Move your car from one store to another without your permission.


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